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Frequently Askhed Questions

Q: I’m building a new house. Why do I need an inspection?
A: New homes are engineered to be build at least to minimal standards. The construction is only as good as the labor force and management of the construction. The construction supervisor is not present at most of the construction. The local building department inspections are minimal and some items are overlooked. A few of the items found are: Steel rebar improperly installed in footers prior to the footer concrete pour, missed or improperly installed roof-to-wall connectors, missing nails at structural attachments, missing concrete in the dowelled cells, shower heads not installed at the correct height, windows improperly installed, Stairs poorly or improperly installed, etc.
Q: Is your inspection thorough?
A: The inspection is very detailed. It is not a random walk inside and outside. It is a process and the report will not let us forget to inspect anything. The report is filled out during each section and will only allow continuing when each section is totally completed. Typically, an average home inspection takes around 3.5 - 4.0 hours. (Around 2000 square feet) Older homes, larger homes and homes that need further in-depth investigation typically take additional time. Typically, at least 150 photos are taken and reports are typically 40 pages or more. Once back to the office, finishing the report and photo editing takes 2-3 additional hours.
Q: Are there additional fees?
A: Extra time does not change the fee. There is never a time frame and never a rush. Additional research does not change the fee. The fees are based on size, age, if pool or outbuildings are inspected, crawlspace present, etc. Fees only change when an additional trip is needed, something inspected that was not part of the original plan such as barns and outbuildings or if the information provided was not accurate. (IE: The home has a crawlspace but was advised it was on a slab)
Q: How soon will I get the report?
A: Your inspection report usually arrives that night. There are times that the report arrived the following morning but always within 24 hours. There are exceptions but very rare. The report comes to you VIA the ISN. (Inspection Support Network) There are attachments explaining findings such as stucco, mold, window egress, etc which further explains what was observed and documented. The ISN is where we send you the agreement and you can sign the agreement with your mouse without any need for printing or Faxing. This link is yours and all documents relating to the inspection is accessible by you.
Q: I have priced around for an inspection. I have found someone cheaper. Why is your fee higher?
A: We are not a bargain inspection firm. There are always some inspectors doing them at bargain prices. Usually, a new inspector getting business the best they can. Use care in your choice of a home inspector. The fee difference may not be worth the difference. (Just one missed item could be financially devastating or personal safety could be at risk) As far as other inspection companies, we are competitive with our fees. We take pride in doing an exceptional inspection along with a comprehensive report. No 2 inspectors do the same inspection. Our most common call is from a seller saying they had a pre-sale inspection and there were items in our report that was not reported on their inspection report.